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Pit Stop For Pets is a retail store specializing exclusively in natural pet food, treats, and grooming services. We strive to educate our customers on the nutrition your pets need, all while creating a stronger bond between you and your pet.

About Us

Pit Stop for Pets is your go-to source for all-natural and organic pet provisions in Alpharetta, GA. Our mission is to help educate our neighbors and beyond to be better pet owners by providing the resources for a healthier pet.


Our shop exclusively carries natural pet food, treats, holistic supplements, grooming products, supplies and services, which means we only carry products that are beneficial to your pet's health. Our ultimate goal is to promote animal wellness while building a stronger bond between animal and owner.

Grooming & Self Wash

Try out our self-service pet wash, or ask us and we'll wash your pet for you! We also offer professional grooming. See our full menu of options to keep your pet clean and beautiful!

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