Pit Stop for Pets is ALL ABOUT EDUCATION

It should be noted that Pit Stop For Pets was conceived out of a desire to accomplish our primary goal... EDUCATION!

Education regarding responsible pet ownership, to be more precise. With all the bad press out there associated with Breed Specific Legislation, we feel the time has come to restore the reputation of "man's best friend". We believe it starts with education on a local level and we plan to host a variety of exciting events in the very near future.

These "Wet Nose Educational Events" will be hosted by reputable individuals and organizations at no cost for the love of those with a wet nose... However, in an effort to raise awareness, we encourage you to make a small donation for your attendance to benefit a chosen non-profit organization.


Pit Stop For Pets is a great place to host your child's next birthday party or your scout or club's next meeting.  Our "Wet Nose Educational Parties" are a great way for your kids to have fun while learning life lessons.  

We strongly believe that if you TEACH CHILDREN TO RESPECT ANIMALS, THEY WILL GROW UP LEARNING TO RESPECT ANYTHING WITH A HEARTBEAT.  Kids will get to roll out dough and bake their own doggie treats to take home to their best friends or their neighbor's best friend! It's sure to be a great time while your children are learning the importance of being a responsible pet owner.  

Our Wet Nose Educational Parties are held on our side patio and are for two hours; an hour and a half of educational entertainment and 30 minutes for cake, pizza, etc. provided by you.  

A portion of the proceeds are donated to an animal rescue organization.  Cost is $25 per child.  Call us today at 770-559-1578 or email us to reserve your next party.

Potential Guest Speakers for Wet Nose Education:

Spay/Neuter Coalition Our Pals Place
Crabapple Knoll Veternarian Clinic Dogs Deserve Better
Atlanta Underdog Initiative SEGA - Southeastern Greyhound Adoption
Bark Busters, Ryan McPherson Heaven Scent Paws
Happy Trails Military Working Dog Team Support Assoc
Mostly Mutts Animals Deserve Better
Pawsitive Practice Training, LLC  

Stay Tuned...we are in the process of planning our upcoming Wet Nose Educational Events!